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Dear Sirs

Ural Stahl company invites to collaboration all foreign companies which work and have projects on the territory of Russia and in the Customs Union countries.
Our principal business activity relates to manufacturing of innovative lifting equipment in Germany, delivery of the equipment, customs clearance , commissioning and maintenance support.

We represent following companies in Russia:

- SCHEFFER Krantechnik – a manufacturer of full range of system cranes, from load stabilized cranes, gripper cranes, load suspension equipment, magnetic lifting equipment all the way to special material handling for hot-dip galvanizing plants.

- TAUCHA Mechanic – manufacturer of general purpose cranes and cranes components.

- SMAG – manufacturer of all types of grabs, grippers, spreaders and attached implements.

Among other things we supply units, devices and spare parts of the famous German companies such as STAHL, DEMAG, SWF, ABUS, HADEF, LIFTCAT and others.
More detailed technical information about products you can get on the official sites of above mentioned companies.

You are welcome to send your inquiry to our company by any suitable way for you.

We are always glad to take part in your projects on the territory of the Custom Union countries and render all services related to technical, legislative and others points. Once we have great experience in working with German equipment our specialists render you any assistance quickly and skillfully.

E-Mail: ural-stahl@yandex.ru, info@uralstahl.ru

Phone:  +7 (343) 2700080


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Здесь вы можете посмотреть продукцию на складе, в том числе оборудование бывшее в употреблении.

ЗАО "Урал Шталь" Тел.:+7 (343) 2700080
ural-stahl@yandex.ru, info@uralstahl.ru
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